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What our clients say about us

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"I was introduced to Move into Wellbeing via my Parkinsons group (INS) I have been attending for a year now, The ballet movements have helped me to understand and cope better with my condition, it is 90 minutes of my weekend where I can forget about my illness and work with some incredible people...

Jon, ex forces aged 47 and diagnosed Parkinsons 6 years ago

"I love the feeling after each class - and no-one is judging you"

Christine C.

"The course makes me feel fitter and I have rare moments of accomplishment.  It also adds a sense of structure into my life.  I feel a better balanced person, physically and mentally"

Malcolm W.


"I absolutely love the MIW classes. Very good exercise for Parkinson's such as following sequences and dexterity exercises. Also vigorous movements for all different abilities. The atmosphere is very encouraging on all levels. Great teaching"

Veronica S.

"I have the freedom to fail; I am free to try things out and this gives me confidence"

George F.


"The teacher is a real find. I have never been happier in a class. People are encouraged to do exercises at their own pace. I am very happy to recommend these classes"

Bill G.

"A marvellous mix of professionally led movement and music, for any or little ability; like me! Always enjoyable, warm and friendly. Oh - and it makes your mind work too"

Paul W.

"The class has the right level of challenge. It is friendly and non-competitive, with teachers whose dances are intelligently structured to help with MS, Parkinson's, Dyspraxia and any mobility issue"

Mark S.

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